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Woodhead Pro-Yellow Wide Area Lamp

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Brighten your workspace with this 400W Metal Halide Temp Light.  This tough and compact light is great in hot and cold conditions, and is versatile.
  • Rugged cast aluminum enclosure with unique rubber lens gasket assembly provide superior strength and durability, impact and corrosion resistance
  • Two, 55W fluorescent lamps that are shock-mounted resist breakage during rough handling
  • Operating rage of -40° c to +40° c with a cold-start temperature of -20° c or colder allows for use in a wide range of temperatures
  • Versatile mounting clamp/handle/cord wrap and a variety of electrical fitting options provide mounting flexibility
  • Tough and compact, Woodhead hazardous duty incandescent lamps feature non-sparking aluminum guards, shock-resistant tempered-glass globes and anti-slip metal handles

Condition: New. tested, not in box

Size: 15" x 10.75" x 10.51"

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