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Napoleon Salt Platter Set

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Elevate your grilling experience With Napoleon's Himalayan salt platter set. Himalayan salt is rich in minerals & free from chemical additives allowing this unique grilling accessory to be heated or cooled to extreme temperatures for incredible cooking & serving presentations.

Sear meats, seafood, & vegetables, or chill & serve sushi, sashimi, or even ice cream. Cooking & serving on Himalayan salt imparts a subtle salt flavor to your meals. This means consuming less sodium, you won't need to add extra salt when serving.

This set comes with the Napoleon stainless steel topper, which makes holding & transporting The Himalayan salt platter from the grill to the table a breeze. The stainless steel topper is also great for grilling veggies or delicate foods, like fish.

Easy to use & clean, the Himalayan salt platter set is naturally anti-microbial. To clean, rinse with water & scrub with steel wool or a sponge as necessary. Add a new level of sophistication to your next meal with the Napoleon Himalayan salt platter set.

  • Create an elevated dining experience with the Himalayan Salt Platter Set
  • Himalayan Salt is ideal for cooking because it is rich in minerals and free of chemical additives to create a subtle salt flavor in meals
  • Can be heated to high temperatures for searing meat, seafood, and vegetables on the barbecue grill
  • Can be chilled for use as a serving platter for cold items like sushi, meats, and even ice cream
  • Comes with the easy to clean and durable Stainless Steel Topper which can be used to hold the salt platter or used separately for cooking barbecued vegetables or delicate items like fish while retaining that delightful barbecued flavor
  • The salt platter is naturally antimicrobial and easy to clean. Simply rinse with water and scrub with steel wool or a sponge. Allow to completely dry before next use
  • Must be properly tempered before first use. Simply heat slowly starting at 120°F for 45 to 60 minutes, then raise the temperature by 50°F every hour until 550°F has been reached. Then turn off the oven or barbecue and allow everything to cool to room temperature

Size: 42”w x

Condition: New! In Box

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