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Docktor Doom Sleep Tight Bed Bug Residual Barrier

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Sleep Tight Residual Barrier is made with premium quality ingredients formulated to effectively kill bed bugs upon contact and leave lasting effects for up to 60 days. Permethrin, one of its active ingredients, is a synthetic version of pyrethrum or pyrethrin. It mimics the effects of extracts coming from the African flower chrysanthemum on bed bugs and acts as an insect killer.
  • Doktor Doom Sleep Tight Residual Barrier Bed Bug Killer II is formulated to effectively kill bed bugs upon contact
  • Provides fast kill of insects contacted by spray and lasting residual control of bed bugs and cockroaches
  • Continuous cockroach killing action for 60 days
  • Ideal for use under beds and furniture and on flooring, baseboards, and most other hard surfaces where bed bugs can hide
  • 360-degree spray valve spays in all directions even upside down
  • Made with Permethrin

Size: 515 grams

Condition: Brand new 

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