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Bosch SDS plus Speed Clean Dust Extraction Bit

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Bosch Speed Clean drill bits are built using a solid piece of steel with a dust channel milled to Bosch specifications to extract dust while drilling, creating 25 percent greater drilling speed. The dust extraction bit system saves time, saves money and produces 90% less dust than traditional drilling methods. The bit life is comparable to the life of Bosch Bulldog SDS-plus bits. Solid carbide tips are embedded in a steel head with robust two-cutter geometry enhancing bit speed and life. The Speed Clean bit, connected to vacuum system, installs adhesive anchors up to 50% faster when compared with the standard hand-cleaning method. A proprietary Bosch design allows dust and debris to be removed through the milled center of the bit. Dust extraction also increases drilling speed by 25%. A rubber vacuum adapter is provided with every Bosch Speed Clean bit. Speed Clean is a part of the Bosch dust-collection system that helps you become compliant with OSHA silica dust regulations.

  • Hollow drill bit connects to a vacuum system to deliver up to 50% time savings versus the conventional drill-blow-brush-blow anchor-installation method
  • Faster drilling provides up to 25% greater drilling speed thanks to less dust and reduced friction
  • Great durability one-piece design offers comparable life to Bosch Bulldog bits
  • Robust construction engineered with Bosch carbide tips embedded in a steel head with robust two-cutter geometry
  • Part of a dust-reduction engineered solution included rubber adapter and bit works with a vacuum system to manage airborne silica dust


1/2" x 13" SDS plus speed clean dust extraction bit     1.75"D x 13."H x 4"W

3/4" x 21" SDS plus speed clean extraction dust bit      1.75"D x 21"H x 4"W

5/8" x 15" SDS plus speed clean extraction dust bit       1.75D x 15"H x 4"W

7/8" x 25" SDS plus speed clean extraction dust bit       1.75"D x 25"H x 4"W

 3/4" x 18" SDS plus speed clean extraction dust bit       1.75"D x 18"h x 4"W

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